Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours
Adding the Bangkok Tuk Tuk Experience to your Bangkok itinerary

This Bangkok Tuk Tuk tour experience starts in the late afternoon since the main highlight is to watch sunset at the Golden Mount [ Of course, there are more highlights on the tour (^_^) ]. This moment of the day is when most travelers are already tired after a long day travelling. To add this memorable Bangkok Tuk Tuk tours experience to your itinerary, the followings are the experiences we recommend. To watch the tour click here.

Half day food tour

Take a half day food tour for the first half of the day. Food tours normally runs for 3.5 hours in the morning and finishes around 1 pm. (However, this depends on tour operators.) Then, you go back to hotel resting for a few hours or go for a hour of spa relaxation and after a day break, you get ready for our chilling and relaxing experience or

Cooking class

Take a cooking class in the first half of the day and  take a day break at hotel and prepare to chill with us in the evening or

Walking tours

Another alternative would be taking a half day walking tour for your morning session. Then, you will get a few hours relaxing before the Tuk Tuk tour starts. What you could do during these few hours is to get some spa or massage. 

Shopping for souvenir with a museum visit 

Do some shopping at MBK for souvenir, a popular air conditioned mall for locals and tourists and visit Jim Thomson House (museum) located nearby learning about the traditional Thai house design and beautiful Thai antique collection at the museum. These two sites are located close to each other. You can walk from site to site within a few minutes.

Half day tour to Damneon Sadoak Floating Market

Book  a half day tour to Damnoen Saduak Floating for your morning session. This half day tour will finish around 1 pm. However, this depends on the tour package that you book with. They are varied depending on the operators who organize the experience.

Swimming pool and Escape Hunt Game

How about getting up late, having breakfast and do some swimming at hotel pool. Then, spending time exercising brain with some Escape Hunt games in Bangkok. We thought this is a good half day morning for us already.

Well! These are some ideas that would help you combining this Bangkok Tuk Tuk tours experience into your travel plan which will help you make the most out of your visit.  

***We are a very small join in group tour only 6 people maximum for each group, so this limited number of persons will definitely enhance your personalized experience.

Sunset, Tuk Tuk, Long-Tailed Boat, Temples, Food and Markets

Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours for Those Who’re UNIQUE

With Explorenique’s UNIQUE Bangkok Tuk Tuk tours, you will explore the other side of Bangkok’s beauty in the late afternoon when the heat starts to cool off and the early evening when the city is transforming to a night life. This tour takes you around the central part of Old Bangkok and canals in Thonburi district, previous capital of Thailand with a mixed fun ride of Tuk Tuk and Longtail canal boat, Bangkok iconic vehicles to explore famous and off -the-beaten-path attractions.

Start off by taking a public express ferry along the Chao Phraya River heading to the old quarter of Bangkok while viewing historical sites along the river such as legendary Portuguese Churches, 280 years Chinese Guan Yu Shrine, the first Thailand Bank and Post Office and many more.

Market and food experience

Then, you wander around local famous market where you will find interesting random food and good that your guide will pick up some food and snacks for you to sample. While exploring the market, our guide will show you some scenic spots along the river for you to enjoy the river scenery. After the market, let’s take a longtail boat cruise along old canals viewing old communities settled along famous canals and visit an off-the-beaten-path ancient temple exploring one of a kind unique temple design that makes the temple stands out from the crowd. From the boat, you will get to take Tuk Tuk heading for panoramic sunset over the old city from a bird eye view at the used-to-be highest spot of Old Bangkok. Here you get to walk up 344 friendly steps to the spot  🙂

When the sun has set, it is time for dinner. You will be dining at a famous local Pad Thai noodle shop which has been in business for over 50 years with unique Pad Thai recipe. When you are well-fed, you continue the journey down the road to explore the hidden beauty of Wat Pho at night, the bustling 24 hours flower market and Chinatown for dessert shop.  

The tour runs approximately 5 hours. At the end, you are free to check out nightlife on your own or if you need a ride back to your hotel, our Tuk Tuk drivers will be happy  🙂 to drive you there with a little extra cost of fare.

Limited to 6 people per group. The tour runs only once a day.

Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours with Sunset, Long-Tailed Boat, Temples, Food, and Markets

Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours’ Highlights

  • Watching beautiful panoramic sunset at Golden Mouth
  • 3 hours Tuk Tuk ride + 1 hour Long-tail boat cruise
  • Famous local markets
  • Dinner + local snack try out including dessert!!
  • ???Surprise spots???
  • Wat Pho night visit
  • 24 hrs flower market
  • 6 people maximum for join-in group


  • Local market with local snacks try out
  • Secret spots if time allows
  • One hour long-tail boat experience
  • Golden Mount
  • Local Restaurant
  • Illuminated ancient historical hidden gem temples
  • 24 hrs Flower market
  • Stop for dessert at Chinatown
  • Time
    • Approximately 5 hrs
  • Meeting point & time
    • Sathorn Pier where Chao Phraya Express Boat ticket boots are located.
      • To get there by BTS Sky Train,
        • get off at Saphan Taksin BTS Station (S6)Saphan Taksin BTS Station
        • use exit 2 and walk toward the Chao Phraya River for approximately 260 meter from the BTS Station.
        • The meeting point at the pier will be right next to the river around the Chao Phraya Express Boat ticket boots. Your guide will be there with a sign stating “Explorenique.”
      • To get there by Chao Phraya Express Boat service, get off at Sathorn Pier.
    • 3.30 pm for February, March, April, May, June, July and August
    • 3 pm for September, October, November, December, January

Remark:  Please arrive at the meeting 15 minutes early for preparation. The Tourist Boat runs on schedule at 3 pm.                

  • Number of join-in tour
    • 6 people maximum in a join-in tour to enhance the experience of privacy
    • A number of 2 people minimum is required to operate the tour. If the minimum number is not reached. We have the right to cancel the trip and your payment will be refund
  • Inclusion
    • Guide
    • Food & drinks
    • Transport during the tour
    • Insurances
  • Exclusion
    • Pick up/drop off from hotels
    • Gratuity
    • Alcoholic drink
  • Minimum age requirement
    • 5 years of age
  • Fitness level
    • Moderate fitness is required to walk up the Golden Mount to watch sunset
  • Booking requirement
    • Advance booking is required
  • Transportation
    • Mixed transportation mode of long tail boat and Tuk Tuk
    • 2 persons per Tuk Tuk
Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours
Long-tailed boat on a back water
Bangkok Tuk Tuk Experience
Visiting an offbeat temple Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours
Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours
Sunset at Golden Mount
Bangkok Tuk Tuk Tours
Bangkok Tuk Tuk tours with sunset, long-tailed boat, temples, food, and markets
Padthai for dinner
Bangkok street food