Mostly, international travelers know Chatuchak Weekend Market. Nevertheless, beside Chatuchak Weekend Market, there are other interesting attractions that you might like to visit as well. The following attractions are local favorite and they are Aor Tor Kor Market, Siam Orchid Centre, H.M. Queen Sirikit Park, Rod Fai Park, Buddhadasa Interpanyo Archive, Bronze Craft Centre, Thai

In Wang Thonglang District, there are interesting attractions that you can visit and these are Ruen Ratchada Bodin Museum, Wat Mahabut, Klum Ban Benjarong, Wat Yang, Wat Sri Boon ruang, and Residence of Guanyin Chok Chai 4 Ruen Ratchada Bodin The Ruen Ratchada Bodin is one of three Thai-golden-teak-houses including Ruen Tan Chao Phraya (Non-Royal

Ban Chang Thai Ban Chang Thai, the Thai Chaiya-style boxing gym, where members train in the original way of the famous boxing style of Amphoe Chaiya, Surat Thani, the style that utilizes empowered body parts such as fists, feet, knees and elbows. Formerly there were courses instructing Thai doll making and pattern drawing, but currently

In this article, you will enjoy learing about Bangkok attractions that will be helpful for your Bangkok trip planning. These are Asiatique The Riverfront, Krung Thep Bridge, Protestant Cemetery, Wat Ratcha Singkhon, Rama IX Bridge, Benjasiri Park, Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Wat Chong Nonsi, and Wat Bhoman Khunaram.  Asiatique The Riverfront Asiatique The Riverfront

Underrated Sightseeing Attractions in Bangkok Bangkok is one of the most-visited cities in the world. There are many attractions in Bangkok which are unknown to foreign visitors. These places include Suan Saranrom, Suan Romaneenart, Talad Trok Mo, Bamrung Chat Sassana Yathai, Wat Suthat, Bot Phram and Giant Swing. Every person desire to see every possible

If you’re looking to explore Bangkok’s urban attractions, then the Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard is by far one of the most interesting things out there. This is a Bangkok unique attraction that stands out with its visual appeal and just very distinct set of ideas. The Bangkok Airplane Graveyard is a place where you can find

As a traveler, this is a destination you should add to your bucket list this year. Touring Thailand in one day is an opportunity you wouldn’t miss out on if you love traveling. The Ancient City or “Muang Boran” called by locals,  is a haven full of historic sites and destination that will excite you.

Bangkok Attractions This blog is written to promote the hidden historic Bangkok attractions around the old town with the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha Image as the center. These attractions in old Bangkok are scattered around the Grand Palace and are located off-the-beaten-track. They are easy to get to from the palace

Where to Stay in Bangkok? I am sure this would be one of the very first questions coming up in your mind when planning your vacation in Bangkok. Your eyes will roll over when searching for hotels on those hotel online booking platforms. This blog is written to help you find the right hotel locations

Best Bangkok Floating Markets Floating market visit is one of the experiences that all first time travelers put on their itinerary when planning to visit Bangkok, Thailand. The market offers unique experience for both local and international travelers. In and around Bangkok, there are many of them for you to put on your itinerary and they’re