Exploring Ayutthaya: A Journey Through Thailand’s Ancient Capital Thailand is a land of captivating beauty and rich cultural heritage. While many travelers flock to its bustling capital city, Bangkok, there’s another gem just a short distance away that should not be missed: Ayutthaya. This historical city, once the capital of the Siamese Kingdom, is a

Bangkok, the vibrant capital city of Thailand, holds a storied history that spans centuries, deeply rooted in a rich cultural tapestry and marked by a series of transformations. From its humble beginnings as a small trading post to becoming a bustling metropolis, Bangkok’s history is a fascinating journey of resilience, royal influence, colonial encounters, and

What you will find in the blog here would be information about the lower inner Thonburi area. The interesing off-the-beaten-track and local experience attractions can be found hidden around the area. Those interesting attractions are Wat Saphan Floating Market, Taling Chan Floating Market, Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, Wat Taling Chan, Koh Shrine, Ban Wang

The lower inner Thon Buri area is another old area of Bangkok that are the homes of historic neighborhood that consisis of historic attractions. The way of life of the people in the area is still authentic. Many ancient traditions has been practiced still by those decendents who have been living the area from generarion

Bangkok attractions: Khlong Bang Luang (Khlong Bangkok Yai), Phra Racha Wang Derm (Thon Buri Palace) and Wichai Prasit Fort, Wat Hong Rattanaram Ratcha Woravihara, Wat Ratcha Orasaram Ratchawora Vihara, Kudi Charoen Phat, Tonson Mosque, Khun Luang Rit Narongron Museum, Wat Sai Area Wat Nang Rajaworawihan Wat Nang Nong Woravihara. Khlong Bang Luang (Khlong Bangkok Yai) Photo credit: sarakadee.com It was

Bangkok attraction (Thonburi Bank) : the King of Thon Buri Statue, Princess Mother Memorial Park, Khlong San Pier, Thekka Moral Association Chee Chin Khor, Guan Yu Shrine, Patjamit Fort, Thong Noppakhun Temple, Thong Thammachat Temple, Wat Anong Karam, Sefi Mosque and Kuwatil Islam Mosque. Khlong San Pier Photo credit: Icon Siam facebook It is the

Nong Chok Area is located in the east of Bangkok suburb. The area is mostly for agriculture. Thus, the way of life of the local, who is mostly Muslim, is related to farming. If you plan to visit the area, the following is what we think is the best attractions to visit and they are

Looking for less known Bangkok attractions that show you authentic local experience and culture? The followings are what I recommend for going offbeat in Bankgok. Bang Luang Mosque, Ban Pattayakosol, Talad Phlu (Phlu Market), Wat Bang Saikai Community, Samray, the First Presbyterian Church of Bangkok, and Wat Ratchakrueh Woravihara, and Wat Buppharam Woravihara. Bang Luang Mosque It is

Bangkok attractions: Hua Takhe Market, Saen Saeb Canal, Rat Niyomtham Temple, Min Buri Old Market, Luang Phaeng Market, College of Fine Art, Ladkrabang Temple, Lat Yao Field, and Community Library of Old Min Buri Market Hua Takhe Market Photo credit: thaipost. net Hua Takhae Market, an example of an old community that is being revived