Bang Lamphu : The Old Bangkok Downtown Neighborhood
Bang Lamphu

Decades ago, Bang Lamphu was the urban center with its market, department stores, cinema, theatre etc. Nowsaday, the travel business has become the top priority, and the area is full of hotels, guesthouses, travel agencies and many entertainment places.

Bang Lamphu

There are many artistic and cultural spaces in Bang Lamphu. If you walk around there are many alleys around the neighborhood. You would find a goldsmiths of Trok Chakraphong Mosque, miello wares of Trok Ban Pan Thom, the art of making the lion’s head at Trok Wat Mai Amataros, and the heritage of Thai traditional music in “Ban Duriay Praneet” (or Ban Bang Lamphu) of Wat Sungwej community.

ฺBack alley, Bang Lamphu

Chakraphong Mosque, Bang LamphuChakraphong Mosque

Goldsmith at Chakraphong Mosque in Bang Lamphu

Goldsmith in Trok Chakraphong Mosque

Lion’s head at Trok Wat Mai Amataros

Ban Duriya Praneet, founded by Tham Duriyaparaneet, is regarded as the symbol of the area, and is regarded as the symbol of the area, and has been continuosuly conserving the national heritage since 1898. The Duriay Praneet Institue was founded in 2003.

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The neighborhood is well-known as the locations of Chao Pho Nu Shrine (Nu Godfather Shrine) in Talad Nawarat. Every year, there will be a ritual ceremony at the shrine to pay respect to the godfather.

Chao Pho Nu Shrine, Bang Lamphu

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The important canal of Bang Lamphu is “Khlong Bang Lamphu,” a part of Khlong Rob Krung in the north. There are many cork trees (Ton Lamphu in Thai) along the bank of the canal. Because the neighborhood had a lot of the tree, thus, it became the name of the district.

The neighborhood offers visitors the charming of cultural heritage of old Bangkok downtown. This area is suitable for travelers who want to be embraced by local culture and get away from mainstream tourist attractions. Interested in visiting these sites?, you can contact Explorenique for your tailor-made tour.