Best Things to Do in Nong Chok (Nong Chok Old Market)

Nong Chok Area is located in the east of Bangkok suburb. The area is mostly for agriculture. Thus, the way of life of the local, who is mostly Muslim, is related to farming. If you plan to visit the area, the following is what we think is the best attractions to visit and they are Phraya Suren Temple, Nong Chok Old Market, Da Rul Multta Geen Mosque, Lyle’s flying fox house, Hasanudeen Organic Agriculture Learning Centre, Koi Rut Takkawa Golden Land Community, Khu Market, and Making Birdcage from Horns

Phraya Suren Temple

Phraya Suren Temple

Phraya Suren, the knight of the Singhaseni clan, built Phraya Suren Temple to honor King Rama V, he was then ordained and stayed in the monkhood until the end of his life. As his interest in traditional enchantment became widely known, the temple became famous for miracles too.

Phraya Suren TempleNong Chok Old Market

Phraya Suren Temple, Nong Chok Old Market

Near Phraya Suren Temple, there are many sacred shrines where people would depend on spiritually. Apart from that, there is a floating market in the comfortable air of canal and rice field. Location: Phraya Suren Rd.

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Nong Chok Old Market (Talad Kao Nong Chok)

Talad Kao Nong Chok, a riverside market that originated a hundred years ago, is also known as ‘Talad Saphan Den’. During the reign of King Rama III, it once was a ferry pier for people traveling from the suburb to inner Bangkok, which is owned by Phraya Pakdi Noraset.

Nong Chok Old Market, Phraya Suren Temple

Nong Chok Old Market, Phraya Suren Temple, Lyle's Flying Fox House

The distinct trait of the community is the wooden houses on the riverside that are linked together by a walking path. Although the market is no longer at its peak as in the past, the residents are still trying to reserve the old simple ways of life. Location: Junction of Saen Saeb Canal, Sip Song Canal, Sip Sam and Lamplathio Canal.

Da Rul Mutta Geen Mosque

da rul mutta geen mosque

The former name was ‘Surao Khoo’. It is a wooden house with an elephant grass roof. It is used as a prayer house, for doing religious activities and teaching the Islamic language. After local Muslims donated their money to build it as mosque. It was finished in 1893 by a Chinese builder and designer. In the mosque, there is a ‘Mimbun’ or the seat for the preacher. Da Rul Mutta Geen Mosque is the soul of Muslims in Nong Chok District until today. Location: Liab Waree Rd.

Lyle’s Flying Fox House

Lyle's Flying Fox HousePhoto credit: หนองจอกเฟสบุ๊คเพจ

It is the only living place where Lyle’s Flying Fox live in Bangkok. This place is owned by Thongbai Mudmoosa. She maintains an environment that is suitable for Lyle’s Flying Fox and the population living here is the largest in the world.

Lyle's Flying Fox HouseLyle’s Flying Fox House

Their faces are similar to a fox with small nose, big eyes, black wings and red brown fur. When they grow up completely, their weight will be up to eight hundred grams. Location: Sib Canal, sibsi Rd.

Hasanudeen Organic Agriculture Learning Centre

It was founded in 2010 by Prasert Sukthaworn for improving and developing the environment that is damaged every day. He uses original and organic agriculture knowledge as the main principle.

There is a 30-rai area organized to be a pond and cultivated area with integrated agriculture. There is training for famers; people and schools. Nowadays it welcomes everyone without fee to learn there. Location: Phadung Phan Rd.

Koi Rut Takkawa Golden Land Community (Lam Sai Islam Community)

Lyle's Flying Fox House

It is an old community 140 years old. The former name is Lam Sai. Most villagers are gardeners, and they live together as a big family. Most of them are Muslim.

Lyle's Flying Fox House

Bangkok founded the school of new theory agriculture under the Royal Initiative Project Bangkok in 2006 to be a community model for living with sufficiency. There is also the Lam Sai Homestay for people who love nature and want to learn local lifestyle along with Islamic culture. Location: Lam Sai Rd.

Khu Market

Khu Market is located near Khlong Saen Saeb and Da Rul Mutta Geen Mosque. As the old market in Nong Chok District, Talad Khu had been the centre of marine trade and transportation. Now the crowded place became the comfortable residences for the new generation.

Nong Chok Old MarketPhoto credit: painaidii .com

Presently, there still are wooden buildings on each sides of the canal, and together, they form the atmosphere of an old time community. Although many old shops closed down, there is a remarkable drugstore, “Mo Chai Pharmacy”, which has been in the area for a long time.

Visitors would like to feel the tranquility of the old community, with wooden buildings and bridges. This atmosphere blends with the cool breeze near the canal, to create a location visited by many movie crews.

Making Birdcage from Horns

Lyle's Flying Fox House

The birdcage is an important part of raising zebra doves because it is regarded as art work especially the beautiful birdcage using the Sateng shape from Yala, and the Ko Yee shape birdcage from Pattani. If a birdcage is very old, it could cost up to ten thousand baht. In Moo 5, Nong Chok District, there are beautiful birdcage makers that are famous among the group of people raising zebra doves. The birdcage construction uses different materials such as ivory, rattan, and metal.