Tha Tien | the Neighborhood from Ayutthaya Kingdom

Tha Tien map

In the Ayutthaya period, the area is the frontier where Chinese junks moored. Some said the name ‘Tha Tien’ came from the fire incident in King Rama V’s period had burned down the place, so it was then named ‘Tha Tien’ (Tien means empty or clean). Or it came from Vietnamien who settleed down here emigrated from ‘Ha Tien’ City.

Tha Tien Coronial

Tha Tien

Before the 1932 Revolution, the site became the important wholesale market. Currently, there are only herbal shops, souvenir shops and dried marine goods shops.

In the old market surrounded by the colonial builodings, there are five of “Chao Pho Tha Tien Shrine” (Tha Tien Godfather Shrine) more than a hundred years old shirnes located around the area.Tha Tien

Nearby, there is “Suan Nagara Bhirom’, the new public park on Chao Phraya’s bank that has served Bangkok since 4th September 2010. Its name ‘Nagara Bhiro’, given by King Bhumibol, means ‘Citizen’s pleasant park’. The park’s open space is situated for better perspective on attractions nearby; the Temple of Dawn’s pagoda, the Temple of Emerald Buddha and the Grand Palace as well as Wat Pho.

View of Wat Arun from Tha Tien

Moreover, around the area there are many nice riverfont hotels, restaurants and cool cafes scattered around. These hotels, restaurants and cafes offer you a scenic view of the Chao Phraya River and Wat Arun (the Temple of Dawn). The food price is decent. The hotel rate is moderated to high. If you happen to be in the area during lunch or dinner, I suggest you check out these restaurants. I am quiet certain you will enjoy their food and the view there especially during sunset.

You can travel by Chao Phraya Express Boat or the most convient way is to take a taxi or Grab or you contact Explorenique for travel advise.