Ban Chang Thai, the Siam Society under Royal Patronage, and Wat Parsi

Ban Chang Thai

Ban Chang Thai, the Thai Chaiya-style boxing gym, where members train in the original way of the famous boxing style of Amphoe Chaiya, Surat Thani, the style that utilizes empowered body parts such as fists, feet, knees and elbows. Formerly there were courses instructing Thai doll making and pattern drawing, but currently all of these were put on the exhibition only. Ban Chang Thai also provides these traditional art related knowledge for those who are interested.

Ban Chang Thai

The Siam Society under Royal Patronage

The Siam Society was founded in 1904 by Thai and foreign academics, the Siam Society is one of Thailand’s oldest academic institutions. This place is for research, reserve and to spread academic information about Thailand and neighboring countries in many aspects: scientifically and artistically. There are many buildings on the green property of the Siam Society.

The library has information for research and study in every field. It collects many documents, books, important printings both in Thai and foreign languages. There was an ethnic museum on “Ruen Kam Tiang” or “Ban Kam Tiang” (Kamthieng House Museum). The Lanna House, which is also called ‘Ruen Kalae’, exhibits art and antiques concerning hill tribes. ‘Ruen Saeng Tawan’, the Central-Thai style house exhibits the traditional lifestyle of people in central Thailand.

Wat Parsi

Wat Parsi

Wat Parsi, a public temple, which serves as the spiritual community for the Buddhist neighbourhood for a long time, was built in 1847 and whose land was royally granted in 1848. Each day, many visitors would come to Wat Parsi to walk through beneath the ubosot to drive away misfortune and welcome happiness.

The graveyard in the back once was the execution ground. Inside the temple placed the figure of Boonpeng Heeplek, the last executed convict who was executed here, to be the moral reminder of later generations. Currently, the ะemple also housed the Buddha relics and arahat remains, which were brought from Wat Delivala Srikantachetiyaram, the old temple in Kegalle, Sri Lanka in 2007. The temple is on Ekkamai Rd. Soi 23.

Wattana Church

The Church is a place of religious worship of Christian Methodist Protestant. Wattana Church is a historic church which acts to spread the word of God. Other activities, especially the wedding
ceremony are very popular in the beautiful church building. The temple is on Sukhumvit Rd. Soi 15.

Pridi Banomyong Institute

The ideals of Justice from senior statesman Pridi, have been kept and preserved at this place. Founded with the purpose of solving the social problems of modern ideologies of Justice, the exhibits of Pridi Officers serve as a place for academic activities, including seminars and other social activities. The attraction is on Thonglor Rd.

Bangkok Youth Center (Thai-Japan)

The Japanese government provided to Bangkok a gift on the occasion of the 200th anniversary celebration of Bangkok in 1982 and to strengthen relations with Thailand-Japan. It provides open space for creative young people take part in sports and cultural activities.

The Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Centre provides training both in Thailand and internationally and a venue for a variety of sports. The centre manages recreational activities for seventeen youth categories such as dance, art, music, field trips, etc.

They also have English activities such as professional training, and diverse community activities for youth and disadvantaged groups in society. It also has current exhibitions on many subjects.

Muangthai Rachadalai Theatre

This is first Broadway-class theatre of Thailand thatserves an international cultural centre for performances around the world. The main idea of the theatre is to establish the international theatre which Thai identity is integrated with modern performance harmoniously.

The interior was decorated luxuriously, with capacity of 1,455 seats, and support 48 layers scene changes. The stage system is world class theatre standard and enhanced so the audience could experience the performance in every aspect, which is the objective that only a world class theatre could accomplish

Thailand Cultural Centre

As one faction of the Ministry of Culture, the centre’s main task is facilitating education and knowledge of Thai culture, purposefully to raise public awareness about the valuable inheritance of the country.

The centre also served as the space for international cultural exchange, promoting the understanding between countries. The centre’s architectural aspect is remarkable for its interpretation of Thai identity from a contemporary perspective, with the hip roofed building serving as its symbol. It is the large public building from the Thai-ness promoting period.

M Theatre

Formerly ‘Bangkok Theatre’, the theatre has opened since 1993, was renovated and renamed as ‘M Theatre’ in 2008, to become the centre for all kinds of performance, such as music, traditional or international dance, and plays.

Siam Niramit

The objective of the M Theatre is to inform students and those interested about performing arts. Nowadays, apart from theatre, there is also an activity hall for other events or art exhibition, for example, the contemporary fine art and sculpture exhibition.

Siam Niramit

Siam Niramit is a big theatre located on Ruam Mit Road near the Thailand Cultural Centre. The SiamNiramit shows history, tradition, a way of life and belief of Siamese by modern technology with scene, light, sound and pictures.

Siam NiramitPhoto credit: siam niramit

There is also special technology presented on one of the biggest stages in the world that was built from one million baht of capital. The audiences will appreciate the beautiful and wonderful performance of the pride of Thai people. This is also an art and cultural attraction in order to welcome important people and tourists from around the world. Siam Niramit can hold 2,000 people. The theater is located on Thiem Ruam Mit Rd.

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