Hua Takhe Market, Saen Saeb Canal, Min Buri Old Market and More

Bangkok attractions: Hua Takhe Market, Saen Saeb Canal, Rat Niyomtham Temple, Min Buri Old Market, Luang Phaeng Market, College of Fine Art, Ladkrabang Temple, Lat Yao Field, and Community Library of Old Min Buri Market

Hua Takhe Market

Hua Takhe Market, Ladkrabang TemplePhoto credit: thaipost. net

Hua Takhae Market, an example of an old community that is being revived by residents and related organizations, all of whom need to conserve and develop the local way of life in sustainable ways. Hua Takhe Market, thus, develops not rapidly but steadily.

Hua Takhe Market formerly was called ‘Talad Kao Ruen Mai Luang Prot-Tan Liam’, named after the market site donator. In the past, there were crowded crocodiles living in the area, thus became the name, ‘Hua Takhe Community’; the market, aged more than a century, then was called conveniently, ‘Talad Hua Takhe. It was once the popular floating market where many people visit rowing their boats, but it was in decline after many fire incidents and the road transportation pros-ered.

Hua Takhe Market, Ladkrabang TemplePhoto credit: thaipost. net

Although they are infiammable, the old wooden row houses are the remarkable aspect of the market you might call it the identity of the place. Apart from many shops that have been there for a long time, there is also ‘Art Weekend Market’ activity on every firs weekend on every month.

In every festival, the reident would join together to make the event memorable. On the river corner of the market once located the inclined wooden building, then was renovated as a tourists’ relaxing centre and the homestay with that attempts to conserve the touch of the old floating market. More important is that this spot is the centre of the youths in the area who are enthusiastic to revive their own community. The market is located on Ladkrabang Rd. Soi 17-19.

Saen Saeb Canal

Hua Takhe Market, Saen Saeb CanalPhoto credit: flick. com

Saen Saeb Canal or Khlong Saen Saeb in Thai was built by the order of King Rama III to establish a water transportation linked between the Chao Phraya River and the Bang Pakong River at Tambon Bang Kanak in 1873.

Hua Takhe Market, Saen Saeb CanalA part of the canal running through dowtown. Photo credit:Supanut Arunoprayote

Saen Saeb Canal starts from Mahanak Canal all the way to the south through Bang Kapi River, Huamak Canal, Bang Kanak Canal and terminates into the Bang Pakong River in Chachoengsao Province.

Despite the pollution in some parts of Saen Saeb Canal especially in central Bangkok, an inexpensive express boat service operates on Saen Saeb Canal. Also, the Saen Saeb current that runs through Min Buri District is still clear and clean, which people can use in everyday life and children can swim in the khlong just like in those good old days. Location: Min Buri Old Market, Sihaburankit Rd.

Rat Niyomtham Temple

Saen Saeb Canal, min buri old market, Ladkrabang Temple

This temple was established in 1894, formerly named ‘Wat Nong Pakshi’ located by the old swamp nearby with the same name. In Wat Rat Niyomtham situated in Luang Pho Dum’, the Buddha Image in the Subduing Mara posture, shows art from Chiang Saen.

The story goes that the image was floated to the bank of the Nong Pakshi Swamp. It is a sacred image that many Buddhists worship, especially on Buddhist holy days. Wat Rat Niyomtham is the Saimai District’s temple which is the spiritual haven of the people.

The current abbot of the temple is Luang Pho Soong or Phra Khru Worawetwisit (Prasith Pasittiko). He is famous for being the country’s tallest monk. His height is 2.30 metres. (7 feet 6.5 inches). The temple is on Phahonyothin Rd. Soi 52.

Min Buri Old Market (Talad Kao Min Buri)

min buri old market, Saen Saeb CanalPhoto credit: Mongkol-Photography-Art

Located along the Khlong Saen Saeb, the Min Buri Old Market preserved its traditional styled wooden roll houses with some residents who still live there. The market became less active after the development of the new Min Buri Market and a major fire in 1995.

However, there are old charms left to see: a row of two hundred brick ouses; which some of them are small grocery the old mill which stopped its operation for a long time, yet we can see its architectural value.

There is also a community library for doing research about the market’s history or you can ask the elderly to tell stories and take a tour of the market. At the present time, many government and private sectors are now interested to reestablish the Talad Kao Min Buri to maintain the traditional way of life of local residents.

Along Khlong Saen existed small ‘Jiao Ti Lao la Shrine’ which is consecrated by Thai-Chinese people who are merchants in this Talad Kao Min Buri.

Luang Phaeng Market

Luang Phaeng Market, min buri old marketPhoto credit:

The market is 60-70 years of age and located on the banks of Khlong Prawet Burirom and Khlong Luang Phaeng which are the dividing line between Bangkok and Chachoengsao Province. The wooden row houses were once well attended with wooden boats overflowing with merchandise all day and night.

However, Talad Luang Phaeng became dull for quite some time when the roads were constructed. The community members then tried to revive the market by operating ecotourism in the Luang Phaeng area. Inside the market there are authentic Thai food shops, old Chinese medicine house, and small grocery stores.

There are many natives who still use a boat to travel along the canals. Through its rich cultural heritage and unique lifestyle, Talad Luang Phaeng offers a boat trip to experience a cozy and melodious atmosphere on the weekend at “Thai Classical Instrument House of Vice Admiral Pracha Sinsrikul” and some affordable homestays. The market is on Luang Phaeng Rd. Soi 5

College of Fine Arts

min buri old market

The College of Fine Arts is the art institute with curriculums including Thai traditional art and contemporary art. Established in 1952, formerly the Silpakorn University preparatory school before registered as a college and moved to the Lat Krabang District in 1976. CFA is the important art institute of eastern Bangkok.

The College personnel and students’ work are varied in styles and topics. There is the college gallery, famous art works have been exhibited, and the sculpture garden where visitors are welcomed. The statue of Phra Phikanet (Ganesha), regarded as the master craftwork, is located in the midst of pleasant air and ficus trees. The college is on Luang Prot Rd.

Ladkrabang Temple

Ladkrabang Temple, Luang Phaeng MarketLuang Pho Khaw at Ladkrabang Temple

Ladkrabang Temple is an ancient temple built in 1881 by Muan Rat (Noi) and his children. The former name is “Wat Sam’ because Ladkrabang Temple located west of Sam Canal. Luang Pho Khaw or Phra Buddha Bussayopast, Mara Wichai attitude with six metres of lap, built with brick and covered with cement, placed in big temple behind the church, is a famous statue of Buddha for people living nearby.

The first abbot of Ladkrabang Temple convinced people to build Luang Pho Khaw in 1898. Location : Ladkrabang-Onnut Rd., at the north side of the entrance of Sam Canal.

Tab Yao Field

Ladkrabang TemplePhoto credit: เดี่ยวอารายา

It is a new area for riding bicycles in Bangkok. Some bicycle riders take trips there and it is surrounded with a spacious green field, a canal and countryside life. Sometimes we can see egrets and water birds. There is a natural environment, with fresh air and less cars. Location : Tab Yao Rd.

Community Library of Min Buri Old Market

Luang Phaeng MarketPhoto credit: wurkonne

Finished in 2009, it is a part of the Talad Kao Min Buri renovation project that began in 2007, from the collaboration of people in the community and CASE (Community Architects for Shelter and Environment) together with TYIN Tegnestue, and finished in 2009.

Luang Phaeng MarketPhoto credit: wurkonne

They improved the old house that was given by the owner and turned into alibrary, purposefully to make the most of the existing resources and be as self-sustaining as possible. In other words, they aimed to spend as little as possible in order to set an example for developing other houses in the community. The materials were therefore old stuffs that were continually gathered. Some were donated by people in the community.

This public library has been a success ever since it opened. Nowadays it has become like a community centre, It provides information about the market. It is also a place for children to meet one another.

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