Lumpini Boxing Stadium, Wat Phrasri Mahathat, Protecting Constitution Monument and More

These Bangkok attractions are locally known because of its history. These are Lumpini Boxing Stadium, Wat Phrasri Mahathat, Protecting Constitution Monument, Ying Chareorn Market, Wat Rat Satthatham, Satien Thamma Satarn, Khon Mask Making at Talad Bangkhen Community, and Don Mueang International Airport.

Lumpini Boxing Stadium

Lumpini Boxing StadiumPhoto credit:

It is one of the two high-standard boxing stadiums in the country (the other one is Ratchadamnoen Stadium). It was formerly located on Thanon Rama 4 and later moved to Thanon Ramintra in 2014.

Lumpini Boxing Stadium has a nickname ‘Vic Sangasee’ among Muay Thai fans. It is under the care of the Army Welfare Department, Royal Thai Army. It was established in 1956 and has long been hosting both Muay Thai and international boxing matches.

This new Lumpini Boxing Stadium is a high-standard stadium which can hold a large of audience, both Thai and foreign. The air conditioned facilities will provide more comfort for the audience of boxing matches.

Wat Phrasri Mahathat Wora Maha Vihara

Lumpini Boxing Stadium, Wat Phrasri Mahathat

Wat Phrasri Mahathat is a first-class royal temple, constructed in 1940, by the decision of Prime Minister Plaek Phibunsongkhram’s cabinet, to serve as a memorial of the revolution from an Absolute Monarchy to Democracy under a Constitutional Monarchy.

According to the original project, Wat Phrasri Mahathat was supposed to be named ‘Democracy Temple’. But during the construction, Royal Rear Admiral Thamrongnavasawat brought five branches from the Bodhi Tree where Lord Buddha received enlightenment and some soil from the place that was related to Lord Buddha in India, and placed these sacred items in the temple. He thus renamed the temple to ‘Wat Phrasri Mahathat’.

Lumpini Boxing Stadium, Wat Phrasri Mahathat

The important places in this temple are the Bodhi Tree from Buddhagaya, Sri Mahathat Pagoda which consists of two layers: the first layer consists of new pagodas and the inner layer consists of small pagodas. In the middle Buddha’s relics and the soil from India are located in the inner walls of the big pagoda, there are shelves contain the ash of important persons, whom the government considered to be the persons who devoted to the nation.

Wat Rat Satthatham

Wat Phrasri Mahathat

It was built in 1892 and was a temple model in 1973. In the temple, there is statue of Buddha with Chiang Saen art period and a replica of the statue of Shinnarat Buddha. There are also thirty decorated statues of Buddha in late Ayutthaya period and early Ratttanakosin period and Luang Pho Suriyothai, casted statue of Buddha, monk’s alms-bowl holding attitude in early Ayutthaya period art that people are faithful.

Around the temple, there are replica of statue of Phra Buddha Sothorn, marble statue of Buddha with Myanmar art, Guanyin Bodhisattva Mahayana carved with colourful Italian marble.

Protecting Constitution Monument

Protecting Constitution Monument was designed by Luang Naruemit Lekakarn and located in Lak Si Circle: the intersection of Thanon Pahonyothin, Chaeng Wattana and Ramintra. It was built as a memorial of a political conflict: ‘Bawondesh Rebels’. This monument contains the ashes of seventeen soldiers and police officers who died during the fight. The monument was finished and opened in 1936.

Ying Chareorn MarketThe current site for the monument as a sky train station

However, there has been a sky train construction around the monument and lately, the monument has disappered and no one knows where it went.

The monument is on Phahonyothin Rd., close to Wat Phrasri Mahatad Wora Maha Vihara.

Ying Chareorn Market

Ying Chareorn Market

Ying Chareorn Market was established by Khun Suwapir Thammawattana has been operating since 1955 on a 30-rai area. It was developing until it became the most important and the biggest market in Saphan Mai area.

It is very well known that the market offers many kinds of products, especially fresh food, instant food, and a food centre that opens 24 hours. The trademark of Ying Chareorn Market is the high amount of high-quality fresh food, and the cleanlines of its fresh market; it is not dark and does not have dirty water.

There is also a wide parking area which makes Ying Chareorn Market even more convenient. People can purchase products in Talad Ying Chareorn day and night. If you want fresh food, you should come early in the morning, If you want discounted food, we recommend you come in the evening.

Nowadays Talad Ying Chareorn has taken another step by establishing Ying Chareorn Culinary School’ to produce more qualified workers for world-class trading, especially in catering. Moreover, the market holds a demonstration cooking Thai desserts for those who are interested.

Satien Thamma Satarn

Wat Rat Satthatham, Ying Chareorn Market

It was established in 1987 by the nun Sansanee Satiensut, as a place for practicing and spreading Thamma, so that people can apply Thamma in everyday life in order to live peacefully and productively.

There are various kinds of activities to join at Satien Thamma Satarn: Art for Self Development project by using Anapansati practice which can be done by determining our breath for mindfulness and peace, Female Buddhist Ordination by following eight precepts, Parenting School which supports the Buddhist way of family life and raising a child and gives you advice on the best way to control your emotion and how you communicate within your family, the Nature Therapy which is to heal and bring balance to yourself and your life by adapting your life and your diet to nature .

Moreover, Satien Thatarn also gives volunteering activities. The volunteers can develop themselves and society, as well as help underprivileged people. Therefore this place brings Thamma closer to people who live in a big city.

Khon Mask Making at Talad Bangkhen Community

Khon is a Thai haute performance which was originally developed as exclusively royal entertainment. Beside the exquisitely controlled grace and charm of the dance another outstanding feature of Khon is dazzling costumes and brilliantly decorated Khon masks.

wat phrasri mahathat

Only a few craftsmen have mastered Khon mask making skills in these days, but Tanorm Metao or ‘Uncle Noi’ joined with other members in the Talad Bangkhen Community to create the masks used in the performance for more than twenty years.

Wat Rat Satthatham, Ying Chareorn Market

Each mask is tailor-made for all customers. The completed crafts are sold to be hung on the wall or as a souvenir for tourists. The lavishly decorated ones are for those who want to use them on the stage.

The making of each mask can take many days of detailed work. The first step takes around a day for just molding of a plaster form to the size and shape each head. The next step is to build up and paint the character’s features to be matched with one in the version of the Ramayana epic. So Khon mask making considered to be one of the finest forms of Thailand.

Don Mueang International Airport

Don Mueang International Airport, Lumpini Boxing Stadium, Ying Chareorn Market

The international airport that recently celebrated its hundred year anniversary in July, 2014. Don Mueang Airport is the expansion from Sa Pathum airfield, and the first airport of Thailand. Although it is currently no the premier airport of the country, The Don Mueang is still in people’s memory with other social serving activities, such as, airplanes showing on Children’s Day of every year, fascinating parachute jumping and other activities from the Royal Thai Air Force.