Koh Kret: A Hidden Gem Island Near Bangkok That will Impress You

As a trips lover who likes attraction sites, there is a hidden haven in Bangkok, Thailand, that you will find impressive on your Bangkok trip. There are many exciting activities that your family or friends can enjoy during a visit to Koh Kret. You will enjoy great views during your Bangkok trip and other attractions on this Island.

About Koh Kret

When people talk of gems and hidden havens, they are probably describing the Koh meet Island. When you are heading to Bangkok, this is a fantastic destination for tourists during their Bangkok trips.

The Island is uniquely different from others like Koh Samui Island or Phuket. The difference is that the Island doesn’t have nightclubs, beaches, and no elephant rides. That’s what makes the Island interesting because it’s unique in its ways.

Koh Kret Good for Bangkok Trip

History of Koh Kret

In Bangkok, Koh Kret is a distance of approximately thirty kilometers on a river called Chao Phraya from Thailand’s capital city. There are many fun activities that tourists and residents have on this Island, especially on the weekends. All weekends on Koh Kret island are craft market days; hence, people have a lot of fun on Saturdays and Sundays.

In 1722 Koh Kret island came to emergence after a canal was dug as engineers bypassed kinks in that river. After the construction, Koh Kret island came to be, and mon people settled on the Island. Most of the settlers had migrated from the central part of Thailand. The settlers had artistic skills that they used to make ceramic pottery. This culture has carried on since then, and people still sell the crafts in Koh Kret.

Attractions on the Koh kret island

On Koh kret Island, the main means of transportation are motorcycles and motorbikes. The Island is not huge; hence the distance is manageable; you can even walk from one attraction site to another but recommend to bike.

There are many places to visit on Koh kret Island and experience a diverse culture with many interesting sites. The leading attraction site on the Island is the temple Wat Poramaiyikawat, a landmark in Koh kret. Walking around this Island is convenient, and the interesting temple is a walking distance from town, but there are several motorcycles and bicycles in the area.

Koh Kret Island

Beautiful temple on Koh Kret

Photo credit: travel.kapook.com

The Island’s sweeping landscape and the neighboring areas have many lakes, banana plantations, pottery, wooden shacks, and other fantastic scenes. Culture highly values on the Island, and that’s why there are certain days for selling ceramics, among other crafts.

Koh Kret Pottery

Photo credit: Bubbers BB / Shutterstock.com

Another interesting thing about the Island is their market days, where people sell ornaments, souvenirs, amulets, clothes, artistic toys, sweets, and cooking utensils, among others.

Locals visiting weekend market in Koh Kret

Photo credit: Watchares Hansawek / Shutterstock.com

You will also enjoy a variety of interesting meals in restaurants, especially Thai fish cake.

Photo credit: travel.kapook.com

Why Visit The Island?

  • It perfectly fits day trippers
  • Culture is highly preserved in Thailand
  • It’s a great destination with interesting scenes for your Bangkok trip.
  • It’s a great way of having fun and experiencing cultural diversity.
  • Moreover, it’s an intriguing destination, especially when you need a getaway as a family or friends.

How To Get There?

To get there from Bangkok we recommend you take public Express Boat that runs along the Chao Phraya River to Nonthaburi Pier, the last stop. From there, you can hire a long tail boat for round trip going to the island.

So this is the detailed article on Koh Kret for you to decide. This is a beautiful place to visit, try this island, and you will never regret it!

Do let us know if you would like to visit the island or ask us if it’s feasible to include it in your Bangkok itinerary. Our experts can advice and custom your itinerary the way you prefer.