Ancient City: Where You Can Experience Thailand In A Day

As a traveler, this is a destination you should add to your bucket list this year. Touring Thailand in one day is an opportunity you wouldn’t miss out on if you love traveling. The Ancient City or “Muang Boran” called by locals,  is a haven full of historic sites and destination that will excite you. Thailand is an incredible destination for tourists’ attraction, a busy city with busy markets, a gulf, and sandy beaches. For the best holiday and vacation getaways, this is an ideal place to be. The history and culture in the Ancient City will give you something to commemorate.

Muang BoranPhoto credit: Muang Boran Museum

The A-Z of the Ancient City

The Ancient City got its name from 1963, and it’s a renowned large museum full of historical events and cultural diversity since the 20th century. The architecture of this city is recorded, and many visitors to the town love the structure. The building itself is a monument by itself as many tourists love taking selfies inside the facilities.

Many museums were built later, but there are replicas of the Ancient City. There is a bliss that comes with touring the museum because it has many monuments and artifacts.

World's largest outdoor museum, Ancient city

Photo credit: Muang Boran Museum

When is the best time to visit?

There are diverse seasons in many countries, and in Thailand, warm months are early from November to the early days of March. The problem with these peak months is that they come with crowds of visitors and tourists. The warm months are peak seasons in the city, so if you don’t love crowds, you can visit the city in other months.  The experience you will get from Muang Boran in the ancient town and other places will be incredible, and you will enjoy your visits to Thailand.

Ancient City

Fees involved in visiting the Ancient City

As much as you love traveling, there is the main factor to consider when choosing a travel destination—the cost and fees involved in touring any place matter a lot. When touring the city, you will need just about $22 for adults and approximately $11 for kids as entry fees. It’s an affordable travel destination, and people with cars pay around $10 to enter the museum with a vehicle.

Fun activities in the Ancient City

As a visitor in the Ancient City, you will enjoy the scenic view, and tour guides (if your take the museum’s tour on Tram. The tour will be given in Thai) will take you through a historical perspective of the temple. The history of all happenings in Thailand is represented in the Ancient City. By the way, audio guide is available if you want to roam around on your own.

Mueang Boran

Touring the Ancient City can get easier even without a car because there are many bikes to hire at the museum. As long as you know how to ride a bike, your visit to the Ancient City will be incredible.  The best thing about bicycles is that hiring them is inexpensive, and you will enjoy sceneries while riding throughout the city on your bike.

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Inside the city, there is an old imitated ancient market where you can enjoy fresh juices, buy fresh fruits, and there are many vendors of tasty foods.

The floating market at Ancient City

Mueang Boran

Ancient City, Samut Prakan, Thailand

Muang Boran or Ancient CityReclining Buddha

Muang Boran is also full of botanical gardens and a blissful atmosphere that you can enjoy while visiting the site. There are many forested paths you can take walks and evening strolls. Overall, The attraction is a fun, informative and unique attraction near Bangkok that allows you to experience Thailand in one day!!