Bang Sue’s Guide for Attractions (Pracha Naruemit Carpenter Lane)

Attractions in Bang Sue that are interesting to explore include Pracha Naruemit Carpenter Lane,  Khon mask making at Saphan Mai Community, Wat Bangpo Oma Wad, and Saphan Rama VI

 Pracha Naruemit Carpenter Lane

Bang Po is renowned for its woodworking, especially the carpenter lane that is occupied by the woodworking shops. Wood products sucha as wood planks, furniture, and wood carvings are available, both ready made and made to order.

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According to historical accounts this area was fertile arable land that attracted settlers of various origins; Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese to settle there since the reign of Rama I, including some Chinese from Saphan Khao, Wat Saket, and Bang Lamphu areas who were skilled carpenters.

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Its proximity to the river that served as a waterway for timber rafts and sawmills that were situated along the river encouraged people in this area to engage in the woodworking business that has been renowned until now.

Khon Mask Making at Saphan Mai Community

The Khon mask making know-how is passed from Master Sakhon Yangkhiaosod (Joe Louis), National Artist of 1996 in performance art, who is a master in Khon and puppet play. He and his family had built and repaired puppet themselves and accumulate knowledge in mask and puppet making.

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In the past, there were a number of families in mask making but nowadays there is only Prathip Rodphai’s family who remained in the trade they have engaged in for four decades. Most of the masks are made for decoration or collection.

mask making at saphan mai

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Moreover, the Prathip family makes partial masks and miniature masks for decorative purposes only but making play masks for Khon is still active.

Wat Bangpo Oma Wad

wat bangpo oma wad

Formerly known as ‘Wat Po Ka Ram’, it is the old temple built in the Thon Buri period. Inside the ubosot placed Luang Pho Sukhothai and there is the mural depicting the legend of Buddha. Behind is the statue of King Naresuan.

wat bangpo oma wadPhoto credit: Wat Bangpo Oma Wad

There is the old vihara where Luang Pho Toh, the old Buddha image built by the old master of Ayutthaya. According to the legend, the image was brought from the deserted temple in Bang Lamphu.

Saphan Rama VI

The first rail road bridge crossing the Chao Phraya River. The construction began in Rama VI’s reign in 1923 to connect eastern and western railway networks. It was heavily bombarded and eventually destroyed during the WWII.

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The Rama VI Bridge ceased to be a road bridge after the openning of the Rama VII Bridge, and presently only serves as a railroad bridge