Underrated Sightseeing Attractions in Bangkok

Underrated Sightseeing Attractions in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most-visited cities in the world. There are many attractions in Bangkok which are unknown to foreign visitors. These places include Suan Saranrom, Suan Romaneenart, Talad Trok Mo, Bamrung Chat Sassana Yathai, Wat Suthat, Bot Phram and Giant Swing.

Every person desire to see every possible attractions in Bangkok. This city welcomes almost thirthy million people every year, coming from different diverse cultures and backgrounds. Although, the Bangkok main attractions are places that not to miss, the city also offers hidden gem attractions located nearby that will show you the different Bangkok perspectives.

Trok Mor Market

The planning of the city started after the order of King Rama I. When he decided to shift his official court from Thonburi to the other side of the Chao Phraya River. In 1782, the king himself laid the foundation of the city. There are serveral notable historic attractions in inner Bangkok hidden around. The following blog will provide you adequate knowledge about these most forgotten attractions in Bangkok. If you are planning to visit Bangkok and experience its locality and culture with less crowded attractions, then you should read this blog.

1) Suan Saranrom

Saranrom Park

Suan Saranrom

Suan Saranrom is the most beautiful and aromatic park, that has served as the royal park under the sovereignty of King Ram IV. Great Englishman Henry Alabaster under his supervision designed and constructed the Suan Saranrom park. Thus, it holds an undeniable significance in Thailand history. This park has also been royal honor for one-of-members of royal family.

Saranrom Palace

Along with historical facts, Suan Saranrom has many well-designed and fascinating gates. These gates have some incredible botanical patterns, which enhances the beauty of the park entrance. There are multiple rest places within the park each constructed differently both in structure and design.

People are also using the park for various fitness exercises. Now, many other musical events also took place in the park adding more energy to the park. Suan Saranrom is just situated opposite to the east side of Grand Palace, where Charoen Krung Road and Rajini Road meets each other. The visiting timing starts from 5am till 9pm.

2) Suan Romaneenart

Rommaninat ParkSuan Romaneenart is compelling park that has been old royal ground during the reign King Rama V. It was totally re-designed and customized by government to make it appear as public park and museum of prisons in early 90s. The name of this park means “the garden of the dependable lady.”


Correction Museum Thailand

Correction Museum, Bangkok

Musseum of Correction, Bangkok

The local government has taken necessity steps to preserve the old historic building such as old walls, observation tower. Suan Romaneenart during 90s received many old artifacts from the old museum. The ground of park lays on the ruinations of old prison. In 1992, the construction begun for the public park and prison museum to amuse local and international visitors. Suan Romaneenart is very famous amongst locals but not to foreigners.

Tower at Rommaninat Park

Small Giant Swing, Rommaneenart Park

3) Talad Trok Mo

Talad Trok Mo is located between Bamrung Mueaung Rd, Ti Thong Rd, and Fueng Thong Rd near Wat Rachabophit. Chinese and Thai pottery of this area is most selling and famous amongst the people. Talad Trok Mo is well-known for its old history.

Talad Trok Mor, Bangkok

Street food at Trok Mor Market

Trok Mor Morning Market

Talad Trok Mo is the popular food and grocery market and center of the community of Trok Mo developed by people. There are some old wooden houses known as Ban Mo Waan or Bamrung Chat Sassana Yathai Stor. Talad Trok Mo is a colonial building style influenced by western architecture.

4) Bamrung Chat Sassana Yathai Store

Chat sassana yathai storeChat sassana yathai store

Bamrung Chat Sassana Yathai Store is also known as Ban Mo Waan, is in Soi Tesa, Bamrung Muang Rd, near Sao Chingcha.

Chat sassana yathai store

Chat Sassana Yathai Store is an ancient colonial building that is standing here for many years, and Waan Rodmuang was the owner of the place. He was a traditional medic and later transferred this place to his descendants for almost three decades.

However, Chat Sassana Yathai Store still shows its grace of his traditional and unique medicine. The interior of the building is full of antiques that represent the old times. The traditional medicine made by Mo Waan with his four formularies were famous in the past, and still under production using the same original technique and tools. Bamrung Chat Sassana Yathai Store remains open for visitors from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

5) Wat Suthat Thepwararam Ratchawora Maha Vihara

Wat Suthat and Giant Swing, Bangkok, Thailand

Wat Suthat is in Bamrung Mueaung Rd, in front of Unakan Rd. The construction work started by the orders of King Rama I. Because, he firmly believed on Buddhist Cosmology, and always wanted the place as the symbolic representation of Tavatimsa Heaven on the top of Sumero. The other reason of constructing Wat Suthat was to place the Phra Sri Sakayamuni, a 700 years old ancient Buddha statue from Sukhothai Era.

Wat Suthat has been reconstructed under many reigns, as seen from the wooden carved gate of the vihara, which was built in King Rama II’s period and began by the King himself, is the masterpiece of Rattanakosin art.

Wat Suthat

Then, under the reign of King Rama III, the king ordered the total reconstruction of the temple. The muruals in the cloister and Chinese stoneware represent the craftsmanship of the period.

Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat, Bangkok

The important restoration in King Rama V’ period is the crown-shaped arch or Phra Kiao Plang around the temple.

Inside the longest ubosot in the country, there are the murals depicting the tales of Preta Bhumi from the Tripitaka which related to the old Bangkokian urban legend of ‘Preta Wat Suthat’.

Wat Suthat is open for visitors from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and charges taken is 100 baht. You can also visit the Giant Swing and Bot Phram near Wat Suthat.

6) Bot Phram Area

Bot Phram

Bevasthan or Bot Phram was constructed by the order of King Rama I at the time of the founding of Bangkok, to be the place where people could depend on spiritually. Devasthan consists of three buildings, Sthan Phra Itsuan, Sthan Phra Phikhanesuan and Sthan Phra Narai.

There is also Ho Wedt Wittayakom, which once was the place for the coronation ritual, now is the library combining Brahmin knowledge and the sacred place for rituals. By the way, in front of the site, you will see an unique red giant swing stands in the middle of the road which is worth a photo shot.

7) The Giant Swing

Giant Swing, Bangkok

At the same time as the building of Devasthan, King Rama I also constructed “Sao Chingcha” (the Giant Swing), on the place which was regarded as the City’s Novel, for the sing in the royal ritual Tri Yama Pawai, the old ritual of Sukhothai. Nowadays it is not utilized as in the past. The same area is the location of “the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration” where there are many restaurants and Lan Kon Mueang in front of it.

giant swing by night, bangkokPhoto: Maroot: A.K.A Maya Studio

Final Verdict:

Bangkok is an enormously populated metropolitan having many such incredible and unforgettable places, which demands the visit of international and local visitors.

All these attractions in Bangkok are truly worth-viewing, you would never find yourself in regret about not going to such amazing and nature-preserved places. If you wish to experience Bangkok as much as you can in limited time, you then might need to consider hiring a tour guide for a custom itinerary. Explorenique offers private custom tour, customizable Tuk Tuk tour, sunset tourwalking tour and food experience.