Siam Square and Ratchaprasong | Best Things To Do

What to do and where to go when visiting Siam Square and Ratchaprasong area, follow us to attractions in the area that you can visit. I will take you to Siam Square, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Sea Life Bangkok, Ratchaprasong, Erawan Shrine, Phra Trimurti and Phra Phikanet Shrine, and Wat Pathum Wanaram.

Siam Square

The centre of latest trends in fashion, located on the area from the Pathum Wan Intersection to the Ang Ri Du Nang Intersection. The old emblem of Siam Square is the four-story complex which was built in the same time as the square fifty years ago. Currently, every lane and alley, which is full of vendors and shops are kept up in harmony with newly built surroundings.

bangkok art and culture centre, siam squarePhoto credit: สำนักงานจัดการทรัพย์สินจุฬา

Siam square is also the center of many shopping malls, such as, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, Digital Gateway and MBK. It is also the location of two alternative cinemas: Lido and Scala, the classic style cinema which are already closed due to an expired contact. The closing will conincide with the large change in the area by the development project, which will turn Siam Square to the vertical walking street style shopping mall.

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Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre was formed by the incorporation of contemporary artists. The show of force by showcasing artwork at the Sirikit National Convention Centre in 1994 pushed for the government to realize that a lot of art could be displayed in the exhibit space.


The building has a circular nine-storey white building with an airy design. Garnished with light warm colours you can look down from the middle of the top fifth floor throughout to the first floor, and each floor of the building exhibits varied types of artwork.

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Inside the exhibiton halls in the drawing rooms, theaers, etc, the centre shows contemporary art of all kinds. The displays includes film music, and literature, as well as a venue for training worrkshops, and art. The dispalys vary continuously throughout the year.

Sea Life Bangkok

Sea Life Bangkok

It is the largest aquariuim in Southeast Asia. Displaying more than thirty thousand aquatic animals form around the world and more than foru hundred species including the rare animals of the world in an area of then thousand square meters, or about two football fields.

With modern technology, Siam Ocean World provides a harmonious atmosphere fo being at sea and a source of knowledge and entertainment for youth and tourists. Siam Ocean World won the Tourism Award for the year 2008 for sport tourism.

Sea Life Bangkok, Erawan ShrinePhoto credit: sea life Bangkok


Ratchaprasong is the central intersection of Ploenchit and Ratchadamri Road. Both sides of the tow roads are full of shops and department stores. This intersecton is an area that is constantly bustling with shoppers and people who came to pay homage to the sacred shrine of the seventh round.

Erawan ShrinePhoto credit: sea life Bangkok

Ratchaprasong Trimurti consists of Brahma, Indra, Ganesh, Lakshmi Narayana Song Suban, along with Vishnu seated on the serpent Anantanak Kingdom. It shows the faith of the people, including foreigners, Thai and more, as indicated from the number of pages in the register of Mano worship Brahma and Erawan in front of the Central World every day.

Erawan Shrine (Tao Maha Phrom Shrine)

Erawan Shrine, Wat Pathum WanaramPhoto credit: mgr online

Erawan Shrine was established after the building of the Erawan Hotel in 1956 because the hotel’s name is also the name of the sacred elephant. According to religious belief, a ceremony was needed to worship the deity.

Erawan Shrine was designed by Weera Chomseri, and M.L. Poom Malakul, both of whom had designed many important buildings in their life time, such as the building by Ratchdamnoen Klang Road. It is believed that Brahma is the creator and the protector. Those who worship Brahma will have their wishes realized. The sacredness of Brahma is widely reputed. Many people, Thai and foreign, come to the shrine to worship.  The shrine is located at the Ratchaprasong Intersection.

Phra Trimurti and Phra Phikanet Shrine

Erawan Shrine, Wat Pathum WanaramPhoto credit: sanook

‘Trimurti is the combination of three gods: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the maintainer or preserver and Shiva the destroyer or transfomer. Anyone who wants to be successful, especially in love, worships this image because Trimurti is known as the god of love.

Located nearby is “Phra Phikanet Shrine’ (Ganesha Shrine). Phra Phikanet has an elephant head and a human body. He is an important, powerful intelligent and virtuous god. He is the god of scholars who knows everhthing and can eliminate every problem. Therefore, people come to worship Phra Phikanet if they are scholars or if they want success in their life. The shrine is located on Ratchadamri Road in front of the Central World.

Wat Pathum Wanaram

After the palace and the lotus pond near Khlong Saen Saeb and Phya Thai area had been completed in 1857, King Rama IV ordered the construction of Wat Pathum Wanaram purposefully to be the sacred ground for the Lan Chang people who had moved to the area.

Wat Pathum Wanaram

The King, thus, brought the important Lao Buddha to be housed in Wat Pathum Wanaram, those are Phra Sayana or Phra Sai (often confused with Phra Sai at Wat Phothi Chai, Nongkai and Phra Saen from Chiang Taeng at Wat Hong) and Phra Serm fro Viang Chan. In the courtyard placed Phra Si Maha Pho, which Queen Victoria brought from the Bodh Gaya, and the royal ashes of King Rama VIII and others of the royal family.

Wat Pathum WanaramPhoto credit: inside wat thai

Currently, as the temple or ‘Wat Sa Pra Thum’, as people call, was located among large shopping complexwes, it is regarded as the source of tranquility in the midst of urban enviornment.

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