Sathorn’s Ultimate Guide for Where to go (Saint Louis Church)

Sathorn is one of  a busy area in Bangkok that offer both modernity and traditon. The area has a mix of experience that is worth to explore. Let me show you interesting attractons in Sathorn that you should explore. These are Saint Louis Church, Wat Yan Nawa, Yawa Mosque, Chan Alley, Beautiful garen at Tae Chew Association and Kukrit Pramoj’s House Museum.

Saint Louis Church

It was established when Father Louis Chorin was appointed as a bishop of the Bangkok Diocese. He moved the Bishop Conference from Assumption Church to an area that is presently near Saint Louis Hospital, because he thought that many Christians lived in that area.

Saint Louis Church, Yawa Mosque, Wat Yan Nawa, Chan Alley, M.R. Krukrit's MuseumPhoto credit: วัดเซนต์หลุย กรุงเทพ

Later in 1955, he announced the building of a church on the land of Bishop Louis Way and Father Louis Romier. As for the church architecture, it has a simple gable roof. The outer side of the roof was all built by bricks.

Saint Louis Church, Yawa Mosque, Wat Yan Nawa, Chan Alley, M.R. Krukrit's MuseumPhoto credit: วัดเซนต์หลุย กรุงเทพ

Saint Louis Church is another religious site that shows the multiplicity of people in the Sathorn District.

Wat Yan Nawa

Saint Louis Church, Yawa Mosque, Wat Yan Nawa, Chan Alley, M.R. Krukrit's MuseumPhoto credit:

Wat Yan Nawa was originally named ‘Wat Khok Kwai’ and then renamed to ‘Wat Yan Nawa’ which translated into the boat temple. It is an old Buddhist temple from the Ayutthaya period. It has a unique junki-shaped (an ancient Chinese sailing ship) pagoda and monastery built by an order of King Rama III. The idea behind the construction was that the Chinese junk was quickly disapperingand the pagada show show present descendants what it looked like.

The replica of a Chinese junk vessel contains two white pagodas. In the Bali room, there are statues of Vessantara, Kanha and Jali which depict the story of Buddha’s past life. On the back door of the pagoda, there are the significant images in King Rama III reign: the image of the floating Kratong in royal ceremony and the rice bowl in the King’s royal merit-making ceremony.

Chan Alley, Saphan 3

There are many food pushcarts on the old road of Bangkok. Many shops were run from our grandparents time until now. When we visited, the taste, fascination, and liveliness were not changed. Some of the Chinese pushcarts were branced out from Yaowarat Road, that is why they were called ‘Little Yaowarat’.

kukrit pramoj's house museum

The famous foods are Chinese vermicelli, red pork with rice, shaved ice, Pad Thai, etc. Especially at night, you can walk and taste food from many shops along the road, the same as Yaowarat.

Beautiful Garden at Tae Chew Association

It was an interesting challenge to turn the cemetery of Wat Don into a recreational park in the middle of the city near the Sathorn area. The backdrop of innumerable gravyards which is noticeabloe from the entrance doesn’t destroy the tranquility and beauty of the park at all.

kukrit pramoj's house museumPhoto credit:

The park provides a wide range of recreational activities. There are more than thirty clubs to join such as Tae Chew Association running club, bodybuilder club, badminton club, and chess club. There is also a small library which was built from containers and serves as a knowledge source, and entertainment for children to spend their free time here.

M.R. Kukrit Pramoj’s House Museum (Ban Soi Suan Phlu)

In the area, there is an unique museum to visit and that is M.R. Kukrit Pramoj’s House Museum. This museum shows different types of traditonal Thai house. To learn more about the museum, you can read our blog about Bangkok museum here

Yawa Mosque

The first religious place the Yawa Muslim built in 1905 in the reign of King Rama V from the dedication and financial support from the Yawa people in the Tambon Kok Krabue community in the past.

Saint Louis Church, Yawa Mosque, Wat Yan Nawa, Chan Alley, M.R. Krukrit's MuseumPhoto credit: Chainwit

The place to worship God together wasn’t built until Almarhum Haihamad Saleh, the Java citizen under the administration of the Dutch, danated the land to build a mosque.

The mosque is designed with beautiful Yawa architecture. The astounding features are the roof and Islam guidance and the talking corner which guidance and the talking corner which yawa people called Balai.

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