National Theatre The National Theatre or the Institution of Music and Theatre located in the old Front Palace. It was founded in 1965 as the stage for performing and other artistic-cultural related activities, and as the centre of international cultural exchange. There are theatrical and musical performances all year long. You will find Classical

Wat Mahathat is the old temple from the Ayutthaya period. It is located in parallel with the Grand Palace and the old Front Palace (nowsaday is the National Museum). In the old day, the temple was the residence of the Supreme Patriarch, the temple where the Buddhist Council took place and, the place for royal

In the Ayutthaya period, the area is the frontier where Chinese junks moored. Some said the name ‘Tha Tien’ came from the fire incident in King Rama V’s period had burned down the place, so it was then named ‘Tha Tien’ (Tien means empty or clean). Or it came from Vietnamien who settleed down here

If you are flower lover, then this Bangkok flower market or Pak Khlong Talad, the largest flower market in Thailand, is the place for you. Pak Khlong Talad is located close to historic main attractions such as Wat Pho, the Grand Palace and etc. Therefore, if you visit Wat Pho or the Grand Palace, I

You haven’t experienced Bangkok is you haven’t visited Chatuchak Market. At this weekend market, you get to experience the best of Thailand – friendly people, rich culture, and excellent food. Overview and history of Chatuchak Market Chatuchak Market was the idea of the late Field Marshall Phibulsongkram, a former prime minister in the 1940s. It

Bangkok Attractions This blog is written to promote the hidden historic Bangkok attractions around the old town with the Grand Palace and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha Image as the center. These attractions in old Bangkok are scattered around the Grand Palace and are located off-the-beaten-track. They are easy to get to from the palace

Where to Stay in Bangkok? I am sure this would be one of the very first questions coming up in your mind when planning your vacation in Bangkok. Your eyes will roll over when searching for hotels on those hotel online booking platforms. This blog is written to help you find the right hotel locations