Wat Chana Songkharm or the Temple of Victory was once named ‘Wat Klang Na’ or ‘Wat Tong Pu.’ The temple was constructed in Ayutthaya period which is over 300 years old. In the reign of King Rama I, the first king of Rattanakosin Kingdom, the king restored the temple. The location of the temple was

Khaosan Road or in Thai, Thanon Khaosan (Thanon means street in Thai) was used to be the location of courtiers’ residences. The most common productr of the area is milled rice (Khaosan means rice), so the road was named ‘Khaosan Road’ for this reason. Khaosan Road in the past. Photo by https://www.silpa-mag.com/culture/article_19050 In the past, foreign