Wat Chana Songkharm : The Temple of Victory and Fortune

Wat Chana Songkharm or the Temple of Victory was once named ‘Wat Klang Na’ or ‘Wat Tong Pu.’ The temple was constructed in Ayutthaya period which is over 300 years old.

Wat Chanasongkarm, Bangkok

wat chana songkharm

In the reign of King Rama I, the first king of Rattanakosin Kingdom, the king restored the temple. The location of the temple was the community of Mon people who had lived since the Thonburi Period. These Mon people had played an important role in the war against Burma, thus Somdet Phra Bowonratchao Maha Sura Singhanat then named the temple “Wat Chana Songkharm” or the Temple of Victory as a monument.

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At the temple, there are two important architectural features. First, it’s the ubosot, which shows the master craftsmanship of King Rama I’s period, and inside of which placed the golden lacquered Buddha in the gesture Pang Mara Wichai or the gesture of defeating evil.

wat chana songkharm


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The second one is Phra Chedi with a spire in the traditon of Ayutthaya art.

wat chana songkharm

Due to the blessing name, people like to pray at Wat Chana Songkram for their fortunes. Although there are small numbers of Mon monks, there still are Mon language sermons in the Mahachat sermon every year.