Golden Mount of Wat Saket is A Bangkok Attraction You Should Visit

Just right outside the Rattanakosin Island, a beautiful Golden Mount of Wat Saket stand tall that you can see it in a distance. This man-made mountain is well known by the locals living in Thailand. The temple is a historical monument and a travel destination for many visitors. The temple has been in existence since 1767, and later it became a big name for attracting tourists.

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Everything You Need To Know About Golden Mount

The structure of Wat Saket’s historical piece of art was once the highest point in Bangkok. It can be seen by miles below the 80 meter golden mountain. However, the mountain knows as Phu Khao Thong which stands for Golden Mountain. At this golden mount, you will see many medium size bells hanging around. The locals will ring the bells in belief that it will bring them fortune.

Wat Saket's bells

Most people in Bangkok can attest to the golden mountain being a well-known landmark in the area. Whenever you are looking for the perfect location in this area, you can use the golden mount to find your way back after getting lost.

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Climbing to the top of this mountain is an excellent way of enjoying clearer scenic views. The golden mount climbers say that getting to the peak of this amusement scene is just 344 steps. That’s a great destination and activity for team building. If you are looking for a joint tour as a group or individuals, this mountain is a great destination.

Walking up Golden Mount

View around Golden Mount, Bangkok

There is a fascinating scenic view at the bottom of the golden mount steps. The crematorium of the olden days, currently recognize as the burying ground, is found. The grounds are currently filled with vines, which grew where ashes of victims in the 18th century were buried. Many people call this location the ghost gate because of its purpose after the death of plague victims.

vulture eating corpse at golden mount

Views of Golden Mount

There are many points for resting and unique viewpoints on the mountain top. You can have refreshments on these points as you continue with the journey. The standard views you will enjoy from the mountain top include;

Sunset Watching, Wat Saket

Waiting for sunset on the top of Golden Mount

360-degree view of Bangkok’s famous city; from the mountain top, you can enjoy the scenic view of all streets in Bangkok. It’s a great way of relaxing your mind, especially during a vacation. Just watching people go through their daily activities is impressive!

  • The Emerald Buddha temple at the grand palace could be seen clearly from the mountain top.
  • The Rama VI Bridge is also visible from the peak of the golden mountain.
  • You get a clear view of sunsets dawning on Bangkok’s downtown.
  • Visiting the golden mount is a great experience, and you can go to the region any day from 9 am to 7 pm.  Don’t worry about the entry fees because entry is free.

View of Grand Palace from Golden Mount, Wat Saket

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Rama 8 BridgeKeep in mind that the Wat Saket region is full of Buddhists, so your dress code matters much. You should dress respectfully. Fine clothes for ladies should be below knee length, and men should be in pants and long-sleeved shirts.