Bangkok Unique Attraction: Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard

If you’re looking to explore Bangkok’s urban attractions, then the Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard is by far one of the most interesting things out there. This is a Bangkok unique attraction that stands out with its visual appeal and just very distinct set of ideas. The Bangkok Airplane Graveyard is a place where you can find a plethora of hulking airplane carcasses. They are either near each other or even on top of one another.

Bangkok unique airplane graveyard

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Why does the Bangkok Airplane Graveyard exist?

This top unique experience in Bangkok was once used to be a relaxing  beer drinking place. It was call “Runaway Beer Festival.” The land owner bought old planes that get stripped of parts, and those parts were sold on the secondary market. The site was established as a beer hangout place with these cool old airplane parts in the setting. It was a place where the locals in that part of town could hangout and relax. However, the business did not go as planned. The owner shut downed venue. However, Throughout the years many poor families have moved in here with the owner’s consent. They used these parts of the airplane as shelter. They take complete advantage of the sheltering capabilities provided by the airplanes themselves. Some fuselage sections were cut in half in order to serve as buildings to live in. Despite being an important urban architecture attraction, the Bangkok Airplane Graveyard is set to be removed. It’s due to the MRT Orange line which is built right under.

Bangkok Airplane Graveyard

Airplane Graveyard in Bangkok

How can you reach this Bangkok unique attraction?

If you want to visit Bangkok’s Airplane Graveyard, you should know this is right on the Ramkhamhaeng Road between soi 103 and 105. The easiest way is to take the Saen Saep boat service and wait until the last stop, which is the Wat Srinbunruang Pier. You can also get to it via the Airport Link Train line, take the train to the Hua Mak station. You can also take a taxi to it if you want.

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How is the landscape?

The landscape is very diverse, and that’s because you have a lot of different types of airplanes, all of which are in different shapes too. What you will notice right from the start is that you have a lot of airplanes scattered everywhere, many of them with amazing graffiti. They are a great local expression, and you can also take a lot of pictures.

airplane graveyard

Some airplane interiors are pretty barren, while others are almost intact. The best time to visit this top Bangkok unique experience attraction is definitely during the late afternoon. The broad sides of the planes receive light from the sun during that time, and they create great shadows. Plus, the temperatures are very good during the late afternoon.

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The airplanes location is random, although some of the larger ones are in the middle. They can be a bit spooky to explore, but the fact that they are a part of the local history is what really makes them stand out. Plus, you can’t see anything like this anywhere in the world.

How much does it cost to visit the Bangkok Airplane Graveyard?

The thing to note is that the people at the entryway will ask for different amounts of money. So the prices can vary wildly. If you are with a group, there’s the possibility to bargain a bit. The best time to visit this Bangkok unique attraction are from 9 AM to 6.30 PM every day.

Things to bring with you

Ideally, you want to have good shoes because the terrain can be muddy, so flip flops are not a good option. You also want to wear light clothes, and remember to take some accessories and a camera for some great pictures.


If you’re looking for a top unique experience in Bangkok, give the Bangkok Airplane Graveyard a shot. It’s one of the unique and certainly most interesting places to visit in the city. And while it’s not the safest or the most inviting place, it’s a sight to behold and one of the most imposing places you can visit in Bangkok nowadays. You should definitely check it out when you visit Bangkok!