Nang Loeng Market | The First Land Market of Thailand

Nang Loeng Market, the century-old market, was officially opened on 29th March 1901 by Rama V. Its uniqueness lies in its buildings and its vicinity’s well preserved 19th century architecture. There is another Prince Chumphon Shrine at the marekt. Due to its proximity to Prince Chumphon’s Estate, the market’s Prince Chumphpon Shrine is regarded as the most connected to the prince himself.

Nang Loeng Market

Nang Loeng Market is famous for its traditoinal dishes and dessert. Many food vendors in the market are famous in both their traditional recipes and taste, such as beef noodle, duck noodle, wonton noodle, rice with Thai curry, rice with roasted duck, roasted pork and crispy pork, and Thai traditoanl desserts but highly recommended dishes are Khao Chae, Khao Tang Natang, and Saikrok Planaem, a rare traditonal snack.

Nang Loeng Market

food at Nang Loeng Market

Photo credit: travel manager

There is also an old cinema Sala Chalerm Thani Theatre in Nang Loeng Market. A seven decade old movie theatre was built in Rama VI reign. It’s known as Rong Nang Nang Loeng (Nang Loeng Movie House). The theatre is a two storied wooden building. Its first screening was in 1918 with silent films with a brasswind band playing along.

The cinema ceased screening in 1993 and its building is in dire condition but still waiting to be revived. Although it was closed permanently, there is still stict security guarding and the front court are still utilized normally.