Wat Khae Nang Loeng Community and Nang Loeng Palace
Wat Khae Nang Loeng

Wat Khae Nang Loeng Community

There is speculation that the name ‘Nang Loeng may come from ‘E-loeng’, a type of Mon earthen jar which had been sold here and gave the name E-loeng to this quarter. The name ‘E-loeng’ was modified to be more proper as ‘Nang Loeng under the premiership of Marshall Phibunsongkhram (E in Thai is not a polite women’s title). This quarter is centred on “Wat Sunthon Thammathan” (Wat Khae Nang Loeng).

Wat Khae Nang Loeng

Wat Khae Nang Loeng has its trace back to Rama III reign. There is also a memorial of Mitr Chaibancha, Thailand’s famous film star whose body was taken to perform rites after his death at this temple.

Mittchai Buncha picture at Wat Khae Nang LoengMitr Chaibancha Photo credit dailynews.co.th/

Wat Khae Nang Loeng is also home to famous “Trok Lakhon” (Drama Alley) which preserves cultural heritage,; Khon (Thai mask play), Lakhon (Thai traditonal drama), Nang Talung (Thai shadow play), Li Ke, and Pi-phat (Thai traditional woodwind band) although facing a lack of support.

Li Ke at Wat Khae Nang LoengLi Ke show

Khon show at Wat Khae Nang LoengKhon show. Photo credit โขนรามเกียรติ์

Nang Talung Photo credit: silpa-mag.com

There are a few cultural centres dedicated to preserve these art “Ban Nangloeng“, a century old traditional Thai house, is dedicated to preserve traditonal Thai play, Lakhon Chatri, and “Ban Tenram” (House of Dances), a renovated Dancing School Ban Samakkhi Leelard, now serves as both dancing museum and dancing school.

Ban Nangloeng in Wat Khae Nang Loeng Community. Credit : bangkokpost.com

Photo credit : bangkokpost.com

In short, the community is a hidden gem that is interesting to explore if you would like to stay away from Bangkok mainstream attractions. You can customize your own itinerary with a visit to the community with Explorenique’s custom tour experience. For more info please click here

Nang Loeng Palace

Nang Loeng Palace or Wang Nang Loeng in Thai was constructed to be Prince Chumphon’s residence when he returned to Thailand after graduation from the Royal Navy Academy. Nang Loeng Palace had served as the prince’s residence until his death at age 43 in 1923. His heir sold the estate to the Army’s Youth Department.

Nang Loeng PalacePhoto credit by @anuttranalin

In 1948, the site was converted to Phra Nakhon Commericla School (now Faculty of Busniess Administration and Faculty of Liberal Arts, Rajamangala University of Technology, Phra Nakhon Campus). The main building was torn down to make way for the university’s buildings. The orignal buildings remaining on the site are only Ruen Mo Nopphon (Medicine Man Nopphon’s house) and the estate’s gate behind the Prince Chumphon Shrine.

Nang Loeng PalacePhoto credit by คนรักเสด็จเตี่ยกรมหลวงชุมพรฯ