Min Buri’s Ultimate Guide for Attractions (Talad Nam Kwan-Riam)

Min Buri, a district in Bangkok east side suburb, offer various travel experience that certainly is unexploited. Here is our list of attractions that are recommended; Talad Nam Kwan-Riam, Jiao Ti Lao La, Miniature Ship Museum and Shipyard, Min Buri Local Museum, Bang Peng Tai Temple, Li Ke Lieb, Al Huda Community, Buffalo Horn Sculptng Crafts, Safari World, and Kamal UI Islam Mosque.

Talad Nam Kwan-Riam (Kwan-Riam Floating Market)

Talad Nam Kwan-Riam, bang peng tai temple

Talad Nam Kwan-Riam is a privately-owned market, it was founded in 2012 by Chaowalit Metayaprapas, the president of the Thai Boat Association and the owner of Family Transportation Ltd., operating commuter boat services on Saen Saeb Canal.

Talad Nam Kwan-Riam is situated on the bank of Saen Saeb Canal. A boat shaped bridge connects Bampen Nuea Temple and Bang Peng Tai Temple which are located next to the market. Talad Nam Kwan-Riam offers a wide range of products, pottery making show, Thai folk music show, Miniature Museum, Thai massage and stage performances by children in the neighbourhood.

Talad Nam Kwan-Riam, bang peng tai temple

Food vendors sell a variety of foods from delicious noodle to foreign sweets and snacks. Boat trips are available for exploring scenery along Saen Saeb Canal to Bang Chan water gate with a youth guide providing information along the route. Besides, a highlight of Talad Nam Kwan-Riam is alms offering to the monks on boats. Location: Soi Ramkhamhaeng 187 Alley 1-4, at the bank of Saen Saeb Canal.

Talad Nam Kwan-Riam, bang peng tai temple

Jiao Ti Lao La Shrine

talad nam kwan-riam, bang peng tai temple

Located in the front of the Min Buri Old Market, Jiao Ti Lao la is the sacred shrine of the place. ‘Jiao Ti’ means the guardian (‘Chao Ti’ in Thai) and ‘Ia’ is honorable name. The shrine was established more than two hundred years ago when the Teochew people immigrated and urbanized the area.

The shrine is beautifully compact and well maintained. The walls are filled with Chinese painting. The pillars are all painted with dragons. The remarkable one is ‘Ti Kong’ the tall pillar, the symbol of stability sculpted and gilded in Chinese traditional art style. Location : Min Buri Old Market.

Miniature Ship Museum and Shipyard

Talad Nam Kwan-Riam

It was established by the dedication of Kamon Vibulkijthanakorn who has been an expert in the shipyard field for decades. From his personal interest for several kinds of ships and his mechanical skill, he poured his passion into building miniature ships and opened the museum to exhibit the collection and teach people to build similar ships.

bang peng tai temple

Kamon uses all materials that are made in Thailand especially teak wood from the Thai furniture industry. There are both Thai and foreign boat models which are difficult to find displayed in the exhibition. This museum is taking the visitors to travel back in time when once people in Bangkok used canals for priority travel and it had been referred to as ‘the Venice of the East’. Location: Bua Khao Village Soi 22. Sukhaphiban 3 Rd.

Min Buri Local Museum

saen saeb canal

This bright blue building originally served as Min Buri city hall and district office before joining with Bangkok after wwII. This wooden building is already over a hundred years old.

There are four main exhibition rooms. The first section is Min Buri archive hall which displays the biography of the only governor, M.C. Sa-gna Supradith. The next section shows the traditional way of life and history of Min Buri townspeople in elaborate detail with their appliances. The third section is the story about King Rama IV’s private tour to this area. And the last section displays the story about the religion since there were Muslims who migrated from Kedah, Malaysia two hundred years ago and have lived in harmony with the Buddhists until present days. Location: In the area of Min Buri District Office.

Bang Peng Tai Temple

talad nam kwan-riam, bang peng tai temple, saen saeb canal

Bang Peng Tai Temple is an old temple dating back to the reign of King Rama II, and it was built in 1851. In the past, there was Bampen Nuea Temple situated on the other side of Saen Saeb Canal.

Phra Khru Dum was the abbot of this temple; he later had a mental disorder and recovered after treatment. The doctor advised him not to go back to Bam pen Nuea Temple otherwise he will suffer from mental illness again. With love and faith of the people in the temple neighbourhood, Bang Peng Tai Temple then was built on the opposite side of Bampen Nuea Temple and Phra Khru Dum was appointed as the abbot. The main sacred object of Wat Bang Peng Tai is Luang Pho Dum statue. Location: Soi Tarakorn 3, Seri Thai Rd.

Li Ke Lieb, Al Huda Community

Safari World

Li Ke Lieb is the popular performance of middle Thai-Muslims, Among many active groups in Bangkok, Al Huda Khlong Sam is the oldest and the most popular group. The group was founded a hundred years ago, currently is led and directed by Prasert Ketprasit.

It performs in festivals and rituals, such as, hair present at birth ceremony, house-blessing ceremony, wedding, Kitan (circumcision). Ten to fifteen performers, dress in local dress, are required in each performance.

The musical instruments are a Ramana drum and each performer’s drum. They sit in circle singing and drumming. The charm of Li Ke Lieb is rhythm, stories, and style, telling the tales of Nabi Muhammad in Arabic. Location: Al Huda Community, Soi Bung Kwang, Romklao Rd. Soi 7

Buffalo Horn Sculpting Crafts

Safari World

As the archaic art form of the primeval age, buffalo horn sculpting is rarely seen nowadays. The group ‘Buffalo Horn Sculpting Crafts’ at Khlong Sam Wa was estab lished to carry on this old tradition. To make the work symmetrical, horn sculpting requires special expertise in pattern drawing and sculpting, as visitors could observe the procedure of the group. The popular patterns are dragon’s head and peacock. Location: Phraya Suren Rd.

Safari World

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Safari World

Safari World

Safari World is the largest and most popular open zoo and marine park in Thailand. Covering an area of 500-rai, Safari World is home to more than four thousand animals, representing four hundred species from all over the world which include rare animals, endangered animals and preserved animals. Safari World also offers seven world class shows on seven stages such as a Orang-utan boxing show, sea lions show, dolphins show, birds show, stunt show, Spy War Show and circus show. Location: Panya Indra Rd.

Safari World

Kamal UI Islam Mosque

Safari WorldPhoto credit: gogo.co.th

Also known as ‘Sai Kong Din Mosque’, Kamal UI Islam Mosque was built during the reign of King Rama Ill by Muslims who migrated from Sai Buri. The current mosque is a large and impressive structure which can hold over a thousand people, and its outstanding features are arched windows and arched doorway, including minbar or ‘pulpit’ made of carved teak wood which is an antique dating back to the reign of King Rama V. Location: Pracha Ruamjai Rd. Soi 48

saen saeb canal

Photo credit: มัสยิดทรายกองดินเฟสบุคเพจ